27 Copywriting Formulas

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Before - After - Bridge (BAB)

BAB can be used to appeal to reader emotions. It works by stirring up the imagination of your readers to emotions and pleasures that are associated with living a life where their problems don’t exist. BAB is one of the most popular formulas deployed by marketers who want to appeal to instinct-driven purchase behaviors.

Problem - Agitate - Solve (PAS)

PAS presents a problem, aggravates it and then offers a compelling solution. As long as people continue to have problems, they will always look for ways to overcome them, and PAS capitalizes on people’s quest to get solutions to their problems. PAS works in all contexts from social media to landing pages.

Features - Advantages - Benefits (FAB)

FAB highlights clear benefits to your readers in a compelling way. Use Prompts to express Features, Advantages and Benefits to grab your reader’s attention in a few words. Lots of marketers use FAB as their go-to formula for writing content headlines.

Clear - Concise - Compelling - Credible (4C)

This formula says that for you to make maximum impact, your message must be clear, concise, compelling and credible. It works because it hooks readers and pulls them into your story. When used with Prompts for an authentic voice, 4C commands attention and makes your readers focus on your message.

Useful - Urgent - Unique - Ultra-specific (4U)

The 4U formula says that copy must be urgent, unique, useful, and ultra-specific. 4U is a powerful copywriting formula used by marketers to improve their open and click-through rates, especially on social media.

Attention - Interest - Desire - Action (AIDA)

AIDA is a classic copywriting formula. It grabs the attention of your readers by creating a desire and increasing it to the point where they take action to meet that desire. Combine AIDA with Prompts to sell without sounding too sales-y. You can use it for social media posts, landing pages, long form sales pages and more.


A FOREST is powerful formula that keeps your readers engaged using fact-packed content. A FOREST is not just a formula, it’s a checklist you can use to ensure that your blog posts resonate with your audience. Prompts provide you with opportunities for Alliteration + Facts + Opinions + Repetition + Examples + Statistics + Three Sets so you can put FOREST to use.

The 5 Basic Objections

All potential buyers have sales objections, but this formula will explore these objections and effectively alleviate your buyers’ concerns. Use Prompts to address the following 5 Objections in a credible way: I don't have enough time + I don't have enough money + It won't work for me + I don't believe you + I don't need it.

Picture - Promise - Prove - Push (PPPP)

When used with Prompts, PPPP helps you create rapport with your readers by showing them a picture that grabs their attention. It also tells them what the offer will do for them, shows them some proofs and ends with a call to action.

The Psychological Pull of Open Loops

The Psychological Pull of Open Loops works by stirring your reader’s curiosity, pulling them deeper into your story and making them take your desired action. When you connect with your target audience using Prompts, this formula can make reluctant readers follow along to see where your story ends.

The Reader's Digest Blueprint

This formula is an effective way to spark your reader's curiosity. It works by using lots of facts and specificity to create a desire for your offering. Prompts are a great fit for this formula because each fact can be stated in relatable language.

5 Piece Marketing Story

This formula is a powerful guide to writing a story that can capture your reader’s attention. It works by using a good story focused on your prospects and exploring how to solve their needs. Make this story relatable and authentic by using Prompts to fill in the blanks of Hero + Goal + Conflict + Mentor + Moral.

Write To One Person

This formula is an effective way to engage readers and add personality to boring marketing content. It involves identifying your prospects and tailoring your marketing content to what they want to read. Prompts can be grouped into personas to make it easier for you to use this formula.

The 3 Reasons Why

The 3 Reasons Why formula works by using language your readers understand to answer the “3 Reasons Why” and compel them to take your desired action. Why are you the best? Why should I believe you? Why should I buy right now? It is critical to employ relatable words and phrases when answering these questions. Prompts give you powerful answers.

Star - Story - Solution

Star – Story – Solution is a formula that get readers interested in your offerings through storytelling. It works by telling the story of a special character. Use Prompts to create a story that readers can relate to and find inspiring.

Star - Chain - Hook

Star – Chain – Hook is a formula that creates a chain of compelling facts and benefits to enhance the credibility of your story and pull the reader into your narrative. When well utilized, this formula is a powerful way to effectively convince apprehensive prospects.

Awareness - Comprehension - Conviction - Action (ACCA)

ACCA is an effective formula that uses personal conviction to hook the reader. It creates an awareness of pleasure or pain and gives your prospects the confidence to take your desired action using their personal convictions. Use Prompts to address those convictions in an authentic way.

The 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Formula for Persuasive Copy

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 grabs reader attention through storytelling, takes them through a series of benefits, and then convinces them to take your desired action through a strong statement about your reputation. What I’ve got for you + What it’s going to do for you + Who am I? + What you need to do next. Use Prompts to answer these questions for powerful results.

So What?

This formula works well with Prompts because it reminds you to marry every statement about a product or service with the resulting benefit.


AICPBSAWN is one of the best formulas for long-form sales letters and landing pages. Attention + Interest + Credibility + Prove + Benefits + Scarcity + Action + Warn + Now.

The Fan Dancer

The Fan Dancer is one the best formulas to keep your readers curious and engaged. It works by getting your prospects hooked to certain alluring details without actually conveying too much information. It therefore leaves them wanting to know more.


In an internet era where people are overexposed to marketing content and find most offers uninteresting, one way to make your message resonate with your prospects is by using the UPWORDS formula. This formula uses common words to make readers picture the details of the offers in their minds. Use Prompts to paint a picture that is relatable and compelling.


The Approach Formula is an effective way to structure your arguments and subtly sell to reluctant prospects. It works by making a point about the problem and then takes the prospect through a series of “soft sell” steps before asking for a response. Arrive + Propose + Persuade + Reassure + Orchestrate + Ask.

Bob Stone's Gem

This formula starts with the strongest benefits and keeps the reader engaged until the last line with other proven steps. Many marketers and writers use this formula as a blueprint to approach a wide range of advertising messages. Use Prompts to fill in the blanks of Begin + Expand + Tell + Back up + Tell + Sum + Make.

The 6+1 Model

The 6+1 model is a powerful formula that helps marketers to establish context first and then capitalize on the fact that humans are motivated to take action by pleasure or by pain. Context + Attention + Desire + The Gap + Solution + Call To Action + Credibility.


This is another effective formula that marketers use to write marketing content that offers solutions. It works by seducing the prospects, using their present position, to create an awareness and a strong desire for the offer that will change things. Oblivious + Apathetic + Thinking + Hurting.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls is one of the easiest ways to effectively communicate your message to your readers. It works by stringing together benefits and putting them out as listicles to create persuasive marketing content that inspires a response. Consider using a String of Prompts.

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