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How Prompts are selected to enable research-based copywriting

We mine millions of customer reviews, forum discussions, and social media, as well as your own data, to reveal what buyers need and expect from a product or service in their own authentic words.

Social data can provide you with real-time, relevant insights on consumers' needs, preferences, and concerns.

Ekaterina Walter in 10 Ways Leading Companies Use Social Insights

Each Prompt is a single sentence selected according to 1000+ machine learning factors in addition to human judgment. Prompts reveal the values, needs, sentiments and keywords that drive purchases.

Machine Learning

Every Prompt is judged by a human copywriter to give you reliable results. That said, let’s take a look at some internal code that we start with when determining what makes a quote important enough to be a Prompt.

The field of Machine Learning that is relevant to the qualitative analysis of text is called Categorization and we do use Categorization as a starting point.

Bag of Words

One common technique in Categorization is to first define categories of words and then compare text to those categories.

Suppose you have three sentences and you want to know which of the three discuss Fruit.

Sentence 1

John ate his Apple but gave his Orange to Sally.

Sentence 2

Sally ate the Orange given to her by John.

Sentence 3

John and Sally consequently became friends.

You would create a category called “Fruit” and it would contain words like “Apple,” and “Orange,” and “Banana” as well as some other fruit names. Then you would look at each sentence and ask how frequently a Fruit word occurs in the sentence in order to assign each sentence a Fruit Score.

Sentence 1 - Fruit Score 2

John ate his Apple but gave his Orange to Sally.

Sentence 2 - Fruit Score 1

Sally ate the Orange given to her by John.

Sentence 3 - Fruit Score 0

John and Sally consequently became friends.

When you have 1 million sentences, but only want to read those that are related to Fruit, then you have a computer show you only the sentences with a high Fruit Score.

Copywriting Power Word Frequency

In addition to looking for strong emotions and certain thought processes with this technique, we use it in a way that is uniquely valuable to copywriters and salespeople.

We compare customer statements to what are considered copywriting power words.

Most people agree on 100+ copywriting power words like “Imagine,” “Secret,” and “True” – power words which occur in the following quotes.

Example 1

I seriously can't imagine our home-buying experience having gone any smoother than it did.

Example 2

I secretly wish we needed to buy or sell more houses so we could use them more often.

Example 3

Once we finally decided on a home [name] really showed his true value and expertise.

Because these three customer statements already have certain characteristics of powerful copywriting, they would get extra consideration as possible Prompts.

Headline Formula Similarity

Another common categorization technique is to compare the similarity of one bit of text to another bit of text using a string metric like Levenshtein distance.

Our unique take on it is to compare quotes to things like copywriting headline formulas.

Some copywriting headline formula examples with matching quotes:

How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

He knows exactly how to maneuver in the real estate market and is exceptional at it.

Lessons I Learned When/From [Experience]

We learned a tough lesson that day but [name] was great getting us back into search mode

How We [Desired Result] in [Timeframe]

It took less than two days of showings, only one offer, and we were done

We might say that these 3 customer statements already have certain characteristics of powerful copywriting and are therefore more likely to be considered a Prompt.

Consumer Needs and Values

Perhaps the most common use for classifying user comments is to improve customer service and customer satisfaction. For example, a large restaurant chain would want to know whether someone is posting an angry Tweet about their recent dining experience.

We instead find quotes that demonstrate a common Consumer Need or Value. Some examples:

Consumer Value - Honesty

It's rare among real estate agents that he would actually tell you if something is not good

Consumer Need - Liberty

What was most important to me was that I never felt pressured during the process

Copywriting Formula Themes

Because we help copywriters to drive more sales, we are most interested in the way consumers decide about whether to make a purchase.

Copywriting Formulas like AIDA and PAS share certain themes for a reason. Most purchasing decisions come down to common themes, for example Before and After, Conflict and Resolution, Warning, Star and Mentor.

When you combine proven copywriting themes with words and phrases that resonate with an audience, you are more likely to make more sales.

Often times these themes are present in a quote. For example.

Warning Theme

Home buying can be very overwhelming especially if you are a first time buyer like we were

Mentor Theme

He always gave us sound and reasonable advice and we always appreciated his counsel

Bridge (Between Before and After) Theme

She helped us sell our home and gave GREAT advice at every step of the way

Conflict Theme

The other agents gave us price points so low that we wouldn't have even been able to sell

Star Theme

[name] was a great agent - responsive and going above the call of duty to sell our condo

Copywriting Science

Copywriting that responds to real-time customer sentiments and beliefs will always increase your conversion rates. Today, millions of people are on social media platforms and online forums sharing opinions on a daily basis.

When this Voice of Customer data is combined with proven copywriting formulas, through a combination of machine learning and human copywriting expertise, you never have to face a blank page.

You are set up to write copy that resonates with buyers.

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